Chicago Tribune 

"Head to Tack Room's sidewalk patio, which is surprisingly quiet, considering it's mere steps from the action. This is actually the best place to end the night, glass of George Dickel in hand." Read More

Eater Chicago

"Happy Hour Specials to Try In Chicago Now: It’s a happy time inside Dusek’s and Tack Room, the massive complex that includes Thalia Hall in Pilsen. Tack Room has $8 cocktail specials" 

CBS Chicago

"Offering strong drinks and gloriously messy and delicious burgers, the Tack Room is a great place to relax for dinner and have some cocktails as well." 

“The cocktail menu at swinging piano bar Tack Room is worth the trip alone, but plan your visit around the live music line-up that runs from Thursday through Saturday.”

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